Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Saturday 14th June at 2.27pm.

Most likely to be found in the Cracking 101 Manual, disabling the PC's On/Off function remotely, would've been a doddle for the Bullyboys, and I'd been effectively silenced forthwith.
It had been a day or two prior to that, that a similar bit of fun had been had with the Mouse, although that had been restored after a suitable interval.
We'd lugged the tower out to the Tech's place on Thursday, where he'd plugged it in and had said 'Nothing wrong with that', and of course there wasn't, apart from the unwelcome attentions from our quantum 'Protectors'.

Is it simply that we've been singularly unfortunate in the choice of Area Controller made for Sutcliffe's Smart City quantum Experiment? Is it rare to find such rank corruption and abuse of this astonishingly advanced surveillance technology, in other suburbs across eThekwini?
Whatever else you may choose to label me, I'm a realist, and I will aver that no matter how noble the intentions are at start-up, each and every pod of quantum 'warriors' will have it's fair share of criminal bullyboys, who will be as coddled and protected as our own Agent Balliram and his side-kick the Suit.

What is it that we lack? Those of us who've not been invited aboard this gravy-train of information theft? In my case the answer would be a no-brainer, but I'd be interested to hear your views on my CPF Vice Chair's exclusion from this noble Cause? What exactly is it that Mr ShunnonTulsiram (cousin to Krish Kumar) is hiding, and why does he dodge the Honourable Man's legitimate questions on the cost of this Project, and how it affects the man in the street?

Saturday 14th June 2014 at 2.34pm.