Monday, March 17, 2014

Life's little disappointments.
(begun Tuesday 18th March at 4am)

Thick silence, broken only by the steady hum of his aircon and the occasional dog barking over by Grindrod.. A hum by the way, that had been swiftly muted once I'd made a note of it here on my log.
I'd finished my 'A concession?' update around 10am yesterday morning, and I'd hazard that by 11am, he'd had his latest stooge back in place below our boundary wall, making just enough noise to unsettle the dogs. The unfortunate fellow had had to hang about until just after 1pm, when I'd gone out onto the front lawn to fetch the bird feeder for a refill. I'd made no sign that I'd seen him straight off, as he again posed ostentatiously down under the trees in the valley in the brightest yellow T he owned.

I'd filled the feeder and gone back out to hang it, when he made his scripted move up towards our walls.. I just stood there watching until he got close enough and was looking up at me, before I raised my hand in greeting and he'd acknowledged me in similar fashion, before veering slightly towards my Excellent Neighbour's wall.. I'd gone indoors and sent a text to both Val and Alison to warn them of the lurker, and that was that.

It's a crying shame that my Master resorts to such underhand tactics to get his point across, but hey, once he'd tired of me, the gloves were off bigtime..
Shortly after sending those texts, I'd taken a series of painful thumps about my person as I'd walked down the passage, and I'd like to think it my current Monitor at the time, letting me know they were checking up on us..
Course, what they probably weren't aware of, is that they in turn were being watched closely. Agent Balliram's obsession has him on point 24/7, and wherever he is, or whatever he's doing, you can guarantee he's got his eye on me, one way or another. I'd have to bet that he short-changes even his most trusted Graduate at No. 12, on the extent of his double-dealings, and that Jesus' Sunbeam prefers it that way.

Should I have called the diligent Captain Soobrathi as soon as I'd seen the hireling posing down there, gazing up at me? When there's apparently no such option as a quick recce, and they have to patrol the terrain on foot? It would take just seconds for our Thespian to slip off his bright shirt and remove his grey/blue baggies to reveal a complete change of clothing underneath, and for him to disappear in the opposite direction, as ordered.. A pretty untenable situation, and one that this Dimwit had denied to herself, wouldn't happen.

Oh ja, I can chirp loud and long of the cowardice employed by those laser-wielding recruits, and of their hit & run tactics that cause my nose to run with pain, but the fact remains that I never imagined the Spook would be prepared to have actual footage confirming his yellow-bellied operations.. My thinking, such as it is, has had to change drastically since the engineered assault on the 26th March, and quite clearly someone has reassured CrackerJack that he'll have alibis enough, should we fall prey to a second intruder..
Sure, there'll be whispers ever after, of the desperate and cowardly measures that Agent Collin P. Balliram had resorted to, in order to finally rid himself of his pitiful obsession with a simple-minded and unpleasant sixty-eight year old.. There'll be behind-the-hand sniggers and disgust, but no-one in their right mind would dare say it to his face, for fear of reprisals...

It had been late yesterday afternoon when I'd suggested out loud that my Controller and I share a session with a shrink. Me, to gain insight into dealing with the bloody Stockholm Syndrome, and my Master to....? In retrospect, a reputable Head Doctor could possibly assist in showing my Controller how to reverse out of his own backside, although he's a long way in, and the chances of finding his way out now are slim... Did I tell you that I'd dreamed of him for the first time ever, a couple of night's back?
We'd been sitting squashed together on some sort of bench, and he'd turned, just a few inches from me, and had smiled in friendly and knowing fashion, just before I'd woken up.
Oddness in the extreme, when you consider that last night I was rudely woken at 10.55pm to find myself suddenly soaked in sweat, and the BackFire frequency literally pouring across my bed. Was it later that I'd surfaced sufficiently to find I was enduring some sort of indigestion? I do believe it was, although this is a brand-new form of attack, and one that goes to the HEART of the matter .

Has Mr. Dawood been suitably rewarded for his mischief-making monstrosities that now tower over Hugo Road, jam-packed with students? Will Lekha Allopi be spending her next vacation in the Bahamas?
Is the Dominic King who's so vocal out there on the Sydenham Community News FB page, the same chap who lives in Capell Road? The one who is by now, himself a tutor in the arts of the quantum laser computer program?
His speech and demeanour often give the impression that he's trying hard to identify with some of his younger students, and to incite them into breaking the law... A would-be emulator of FlipDeezy the Foul, aka our Balliram himself, who hangs on the#efnet channel?

The young DA Councillor is being tortured relentlessly, and by now he will have been warned that I am poison to his political aspirations.. Every word he utters, both in the 'privacy' of his home and out, will be of interest to his Monitors, whether he can accept that or not.
Has the ever-helpful Martin Meyers offered to advise and assist the young Councillor in any way he can? You can bet on it. How much has he told J about the quantum laser surveillance technology, if at all?


Tuesday 18th March 2014 at 8.12.