Monday, March 24, 2014

(begun Saturday 22nd March at 5.15am)

We're dog-sitting for a couple of days and natch, the pup is feeling a tad unsettled. I'd walked him a way along the front path at 4.45am in the thick silence, but he wasn't happy to settle back indoors, so I was back out there just before 5am, sitting on the verandah steps, when I heard a wall jumper step on one of the sheets of plastic/glass that godschild has put down just inside his valley boundary wall. Crack!

I went in and fetched the big spotlight and sat back out there listening.. Sure enough, the giveaway cracks resumed as he picked his way along the inside of the wall, and I'd taken the dog inside and locked the security gate, and sent them a couple of warning texts.
Once our AmDram Society fixate on a script, they're not likely to abandon it any time soon. And no, it 's not my Excellent Neighbour's big dogs, as they're no longer allowed in the bottom of their property. Besides, I'm guessing that both their dogs and Freddie's animals are shut indoors right now, as none of them had barked at those clear-carrying sounds...

When I'd first stepped out onto the verandah, I'd gotten a whiff of his campfire straight off, and I've no doubt it belongs to the same hireling that the Project's Entertainments Director had installed in the valley some weeks back.. I can hear the hum of at least one of Balliram's three aircon units, and I only hope he gets to catch a kip soon, or I'm in for a rough day. My invisible Graveyard Shift abuser had been hard at it since after 1am, and hadn't let up much, when at 4am I'd been jabbed in the small of my back. By the time I'd sat up in bed at 4.40am, it was to reap the results of all those nasty labours, and to find myself crippled.. Nearly an hour later, here at the desk, that unpleasantness has vanished, only to be replaced by the escalating Backfire..

Is this concentrated cruelty taking it's toll on the Perpetrator as well? I've no way of knowing that, although I did get to see a middle-aged guy on my controller's driveway sometime after 1pm, as he'd moved the blue Beemer out of the gates, and then driven the Landy into the garage to make room for THIS catering and Hire service truck... See now, if I'd suggested that the Landrover could squeeze into their garage, the GameWrecker would've scoffed at the idea, but having watched it actually being done, he couldn't argue.. I couldn't get my head around the idea that this older bloke was my Controller, and I'll have to lay the blame on my deteriorating eyesight for the moment...

Monday 24th March at 8.50am
I finally found my gardening shears, and had been cutting back the overgrown bouganvilla up next to the Polo, when my Excellent Neighbour's cherry red car went by, and she'd pulled into their garage. A couple of minutes later, our Freddie from No. 12 had reversed out of his gates and headed off down the road.
Some five or ten minutes later, a couple of hadedas nearby had announced a change in the airwaves, and my fillings had begun singing, along with a mild sensation of nausea...
I do believe I witnessed a shift-change in our monitoring, and I'd question why, when the eavesdropping is now being done right next door at No. 10, it has a worse effect on me than Freddie's monitoring?

The feeling of mild nausea persists, and there's great pressure to my ears... Would you attempt to lay my fillings, ears, and throat's reactions at the door of the ARV's? Pull the other one.. Where was my Owner during that change-over? Taking a leisurely shower before heading off to the Radio Station on Ridge Road?
I'm going to take a flyer here.. You're a diabetic and you've recently been forced to increase your cortisone doses? That stuff is a killer all on it's own, but added to the games being played with the power supplies and the airwaves, there's no way your health can go anywhere but downhill, and I guess you know it..

How could you possibly be aware whether Agent Balliram was flooding your own home with 'extras' every now and then? In this monstrously cruel game, much like good cop/bad cop, it would certainly appear that the Rotters are miles ahead, and the Good are being picked off with ease..
They know the consequences of speaking out, and the only alternative is to relocate? Stay and fight, and risk losing your life? I can't ask that of them...

Our little dogs going mental under the acalypha shrubs? Turns out my paranoia was misplaced... For the past three mornings in a row, I've seen a stray cat leave our yard in the pre-dawn gloom, and right there under the shrubs would be the ideal place for it to curl up and wait for a passing bird to venture too close..
I'd like to tell you of the odd white blanket of cloud that had covered the starry sky when I'd been woken at 12.30am this morning.. I'd like to describe in minute detail how Someone had diligently worked their way through the repertoire of wireless weaponry, and how later, they'd made me smile with pleasure. I won't. I'm sweaty and hot, and my ears are screaming just an inch off full-on nausea, so we'll leave it at that...

Monday 24th March 2014 at 10.09am.