Friday, March 14, 2014

A Song for Frankie..
(begun Friday 14th March at 4.40am.)

You'll maybe remember the near-astonishing speed with which Telkom had responded on the last couple of occasions our landline had been vandalised, not that long ago? A simple sms to their Faults Department had the tech arrive the same day, if I recall correctly?
At the time, the changes were being made for the big cosmetic cover-up, and our line had been corrupted simply to allow the techs to re-route it to another Interceptor.
Not so this time. He'd reported it on Wednesday, and not a peep since, and I'm inclined to think that this time the simple matter of shutting down our landline is just another facet of the terror-tactics now in full swing in this the most heavily monitored stretch in eThekwini.

This update should be fairly brief, and it's for Francesco Petruccione personally, should Sutcliffe's erstwhile chommie find it within himself to sink down to my level.. (You may at this point wish to verify for yourselves that our Physics Professor at UKZN made it onto the whistleblower's eight page rant titled A Better Life for All).
So Frankie - I've taken the time to rear up and log pretty much everything I experience over an average night, since Howard Electrical made adjustments to the control pole on Thursday 6th March.

Never mind that by 6.05pm the frequency that sets my squamous cell cancer alight was running at extreme levels throughout our little home. Let's skip to 8.30pm, when I'd climbed into bed and appeared to cross the path of a fixed laser route that runs from Balliram's aircon units right through brick and mortar, across my pillows. Bearing in mind that this most cherished and protected Agent for the Smart City quantum surveillance experiment continues to run his corrupted wall-light out front, to obtain the most damaging of frequencies. It reminds me of sheet-lightning, as it plays erratically against what's left of the coral tree, and whether that's of any relevance to a Physics graduate or a Radio Frequency Engineer, it's beyond me.

Right. So I'm laying directly in the path of the BackFire frequency when an enormous ache to my right ovary area kicks in. Tellus Prof? In your opinion, would it take more than one laser-wielder to achieve both those effects simultaneously, or could our skilled Balliram have been operating solo at that point?
Animal instinct had suggested there was someone else present with our Shift Monitor, and I'd spoken out loud to my Tormentors, asking whether they had any idea at all of the extreme pain I was enduring at that point. I'd asked audibly why they were prepared to attack a fellow human-being to such a degree, and was this the purpose intended when they'd joined the ranks of the quantum Army...

For some reason the pain had suddenly and totally disappeared at that point, and I'd been allowed to drop off to sleep until 12.50am, when I'd woken to a burst of enormous heat. As I sat up, it was to be struck again by a wall of the Backfire frequency, but still no sign of the exquisite pinch to the base of my spine that's been regularly employed of late.. Just a dull background ache..
You're following, Frankie? Do my stumbling descriptions of your wireless weaponry carried by Stef's ultra-short laser beams, confirm what you were told by the Men in Black? How efficacious these little known frequencies are at controlling a subject through the delivery of concentrated pain?

At 1am Someone was back to poke away, this time at my calves. A fairly recent introduction that allows them to cause horrendous cramps in the oddest of areas about my legs. Brilliant, hey? At 1.25am the steady whine in my ears had changed dramatically, and had become overwhelmingly loud, while the dull and ominous ache to the base of my spine had remained. Five minutes later and I'd been enveloped in a second appalling heatwave, and this time I'd had to strip off my warm clothing down to the minimum.
They'd not finished with me by a long shot, and from the knees down, both legs had begun simmering (for want of a better term) as if they were being steadily cooked in the microwave.

Would it interest you to know that as I was enduring this last unpleasant experience, some Sicko nearby had found it amusing to activate the Fiddler's frequency as well? You know the one, Sr. Petruccione? That causes arousal in the subject, despite the pain? Boy, would their wives/mothers/sisters have been proud of them. *vomits...
At 2.10am Sophie had jumped off the bed, and I'd gone to investigate her whereabouts. The BackFire frequency filled the house at extreme levels, but still no sign of the pinch to the spine that our Controller would have many believe was the result of our tussle with an Intruder on the front lawn three weeks ago..

I'd nodded back off after that, until I was rudely woken at 3.30am to Someone hitting me in the right hip area, and at 4am I'd felt something sort of slide across my lower spine, although it hadn't hurt at all..
At 4.15am the seriously disturbed Whacko who'd literally spent all those hours feeding his sadistic desires, had again hauled out the old Fiddler's Frequency, and I must confess I was understandably more nauseated by it, than aroused at that point, and I chose to get up for the day.

When you were hand-picked to set up the biggest wireless base-station in the southern hemisphere, did you ever imagine that these cruel 'experiments' would be carried out on unsuspecting citizens across the country? Or were you given the barest of outlines, that had turned both your head and your conscience into mush? Did you buy that you and Stef would be instrumental in changing the face of South Africa, and you'd been so flattered that you forgot to read the fine print? To work with the great Stefanus Roux, and to be the centre of attention by officials from Governments around the globe, would've affected anyone's ego, and you were no exception.

Turns out my cries for aid made to Richard of Raw Power were futile, and my Area Controller continues to have free rein to torture us at will, and to arrange for all manner of criminals to invade the area. One tiny voice in the wilderness will roll right off of your inflated head right now, although I do hope you find the time to savour my description of just what your Army of quantum Warriors are capable of achieving, since you've handed them the means..
Happily, there's no need for you to feel any shame for your participation in this wickedness, in the unlikely event you even recall this now out-dated trait. I have more than enough shame for each and every one of you, and look where it's gotten me..

Respected Academic, Frankie? Maybe in the rarified air you and your ilk occupy, but down here at ground zero I'm afraid you're tarred with the same brush as one of your more psychotic Quantum Warriors.. Namely Agent Collin P. Balliram.
Have all those happy faces in your Facebook cover picture gone on to become Area Controllers themselves? Filled with visible excitement at the thought of doing their bit for the country? Do their characters decide which quantum team they end up batting for? The Bad or the laughably-termed, Good?

Saturday 15th March 2014 at 8am..