Saturday, January 11, 2014

The more, the merrier?
(begun Sunday 12th January at 2.55am..)

*Edit at 12.40pm Sunday:  I wish it recorded that I take exception to the levels of the Lymph gland frequency being directed my way, as I worked out in the garden this morning.. There was nothing inside when I'd finally come indoors at around 9.35am. Ten minutes after that and the lapse was rectified.. The giveaway? That hateful ache to all the fillings on the one side of my metal mouth and to my neck, was replaced several times by a sudden serious twang to one or two of the fillings on the other side.. Ooops? Wireless overdose..At 9.45am her Merc left their property, and for some reason that particular torture has vanished since then...*

I must have surfaced soon after 2am, to a mild but pleasurable version of the Fiddler's frequency.. I'd lost track of time after that (as you do), but it wasn't long before Someone had given me an almighty whack on the cancer as they'd zoomed on in to study the results of their efforts, but I'd steadfastly ignored them... While nowhere near as startling as the full-on version, I was feeling pretty good, and not about to burst my own bubble... Alas, the enjoyment never lasts, and about twenty minutes later the floodgates had opened, and it was snot en trane all the way... No man, this is some seriously weird voodoo...
In a couple of years time I'll be seventy, and this hormonal crap should've been over and done with, a decade ago...
I'd gotten up at 2.25am and made myself a coffee, and the frigging tears have finally dried up, although whoever is on this Watch has my Abomination running at a steady burn...

Those buggers over at google and their buddy Bill Gates have hopped on board the drive for globalisation with fervour, and this week they'd blatantly demonstrated the power they wield by totally and with malice of forethought cocking up their sign-in process.. You think that's funny?  Not to a less-than-tech-minded old fart, it isn't...At some point yesterday I'd booted up, only to have the darn thing open on my blogger stats page.. For what?  To show me that for some reason my little band of hardy readers had doubled after my Keeping up Appearances update?
It makes little difference how many Malware or Microsoft security updates we do, or scans we run, as Ian Halliday has seen to it that the Project's Agents have easy access and control of civilian computers... A good reason therefore, not to take those blogger stats seriously?

I'm damned sure it's out there in the public domain that the eThekwini waterlines were to be computerised, otherwise how would I know about it?   Had you forgotten?  I can't pinpoint the exact date of the takeover here, but I guess it would've been around about when the hydrant was moved from across the road onto Agent Balliram's verge HERE, despite that we'd had mischief with our geyser long before then...
Was the devout Missus P censured by anyone in her family, for creating that thread at the Sydenham Community News page?  Did anyone say they wished she hadn't mentioned the 'theft' of their water meters from Candella Road?
I've remarked in the past that she's one sharp cookie, but a cookie in such denial might as well be as zombified as the rest of you...

Will anyone take her aside and explain to her that having those meters 'stolen' is common practise to enable the authorities to clear the waterlines prior to the adjustments being made for computerisation, and that it would've been better had she not drawn attention to the fun and games in her road?
If she was indeed enlightened subsequently, by a kind family member, did she go away and begin to question just how much other stuff she hasn't been told about the way this Experiment is being operated?  Would she come to realise that the officials she's admired up till now, the Christo Swarts, Neil MacLeods, and yes, even the filthy-fingered ex-City Manager, Sutcliffe, are in fact deeply embroiled in committing an ongoing crime that outstrips the Ruling Party Fat Cat's greed by miles?

I've little doubt that devout lady would back the concept of a One World Order, but whether she could get her head around the means being employed to achieve this, is another matter entirely... So far, it would appear that denial has been the method she's chosen to deal with what's becoming more apparent each day.
Why hadn't her son picked up his cellphone just after he'd left and called home to say their meter had been stolen, and that was the reason there was no water in the taps? Could it be that he already knew their waterlines were due to be computerised that day, and that someone had whispered to him of the preliminary methods used to achieve this?

How's their other son doing since he relocated up to Cowies Hill?  Could he in fact, curl his good mother's hair with tales of his exploits over the airwaves up there?  Could he regale her with stories of how the Mischief-Making teams have their stooges crawling about all those little side streets off Birdhurst Road, diligently working to terrorise the residents into accepting the Orwellian Smart City surveillance technology?
A technology that strips away your right to privacy and good health, the minute the Area Controller for your section first accesses your home invisibly?
Has good old Les finally come to learn some of the finer details of this push to manipulate and control the entire population, and does he intend to share those details with his better half, or to continue to keep her in the dark?

The plans for this Experiment have been decades in the making, and however difficult it is for you to grasp, the fact is that crime and corruption have been fostered deliberately from the getgo, in order to create the situation we're in today...  For going on ten years I've struggled to figure out what was happening to us, and why we'd been targeted so blatantly... A stream of incoherent and often incomprehensible babbling that you were encouraged to regard with derision...
Although I'll never have the writing skills or the credibility to change anything for the better, I hope against hope that at least one or two of you will finally realise what's going on...

Ordinary people, both the honest and the corrupt, are being given extraordinary powers over their fellow-man.  A situation that was always doomed to end in tears, although the shadowy figures at the top of this push to globalise the world's population, won't see it like that at all..
Ordinary people, now so brainwashed as to believe that causing physical pain to their neighbours is a necessary part of their job.. That closing their eyes to the structural damage being done to our property, never mind our persons, is vital to the Cause, and must be done if they wish to rise through the ranks of the quantum warriors Army...

Will young Leonard, aka Slim Lenny, continue to be manipulated by the Rotten Apples to create mischief among the community, or will he be replaced by yet another of their stooges?  What's the brief up there, Laz?  Keep those goons stirring the pot to create discord and mistrust, with a few murders and hijackings thrown in for good measure, and your job as Shadow Station Commissioner of Sydenham SAPS is safe? Bah! Humbug!
If there was ever any order given to lessen the cruelties enacted in our home, Agent Balliram clearly wasn't paying attention, and once again those shocking levels of the BackFire frequency had flooded our lounge last night... At least until I'd shut the window behind me and pulled the standard lamp plug from the wall..
Like I said, it barely dents the pain levels, but it's a clear and recorded protest against this ongoing behaviour...

When the young Opposition Councillor has dutifully completed the second course of medication prescribed for his ailment, will his Area Controller prudently avoid enabling that Throat Choker frequency in the future, or will he/she continue to employ it for their amusement?
Do it, and you may attract more attention than your Handler's care for, for the sooner the eThekwini residents wake up to the wireless weaponry being used in the privacy of their homes, the better..
Has that young man taken to conversing out loud with his unseen visitors?  Whether a good thing or a bad, it's for him to decide..He should however be aware that in theory at least, every sound he utters is being recorded, and that he may express his disgust out loud at the re-employment of that pathetic frequency...
Course it's doubtful that his Controller will be of any better character than ours...  Acknowledging their presence is IMHO a start, unless you mean to fold your hand and go quietly, at this early stage of the game?

It's still well before sunrise, although the small broken clouds above are tinged with the promise of heat... A handsome young tabby cat bounced up on the top of the wall five minutes ago, and I don't know who was the more startled, him or me... He'd legged it the minute he saw me.. Something that perhaps some of you should've done, a long time ago?

LATER at 6.22am.

I'd like to address the courageous quantum Warrior who'd scored a bullseye between my shoulder-blades at 6am, as I'd walked down the passage, heading to bathe?  A regular to Pain Administration, or fairly new to the team?  Are you given any sort of credit for that direct hit, and the pain it caused me?
Have you personally experienced the pain of childbirth, or been stabbed with a knife about your person?  Ever suffered an infected joint, perhaps, or an abscess on a tooth?  What do you really think I feel as you strike me full-on in the cancer, or anywhere else on my body, for that matter?  That I feel a mere tickle? A small pin-prick of pain?  My curses amuse you?  *looks at the Accountant..
Morning dude... Off to church again, are we?  You weren't on shift at 6am, and have no idea who was in ours at the time?   I wish I could believe you Fred, I really do...


Sunday 12th January 2014 at 7.27am.