Friday, July 12, 2013

Bound by silence..

Bound by silence...
(begun Wednesday 10th July at 6.05am...)

Small stuff?  They'd been battling to jumpstart his black truck, when godschild had mentioned to the Gamewrecker that his Joey had managed to get onto No. 12's property, and had ended up having an altercation with young Butch.  How fortunate that both dog owners bat for the same team, so no biggie, and just a few cuts and scratches, but otherwise of little consequence..?
I've no idea when that unpleasantness had occurred, but what I do know is that on Monday morning my Good Neighbour had gone up top to find his truck's battery had died, and he 'thought' he might have left the lights on.. That so, Balliram?  Freddie?  Did you see those tail-lights on and couldn't resist?  It wouldn't have mattered either way, as you've already demonstrated on more than one occasion, your ability to drain a car's battery remotely, have you not?
What about the Throat Choker frequency that appears to be affecting godschild of late?  When exactly did that kick in?  Before or after Joey's trespass onto Freddie's property?     A wee bit of payback, incorporating the owner's vehicle and his health, or am I wandering way up the wrong path again?

Thursday 11th July at 4.45am

How long had it taken for the PTB at that Chilean University to make things so physically unpleasant for Paul Doyon of The Microwave Factor that he'd had to leave the country and seek refuge elsewhere?  An upgrade to their wi-fi system was the reason he'd given for his extreme reactions. Nothing to do with the quantum laser experiment that's being set up at Universities across the globe, and they'd just driven him out by using over-the-top wi-fi emissions?
Where's Venezuela in relation to Chile?  If there's an Atlas in this house, I've no idea where I'd find it amongst all the chaos....  Snowden must surely know by now to stay the hell away from Universities and their Physics  Departments, but that's not to say the authorities can't rig up the PRISM technology at some other institution.. Bummer..

For a while there, I'd had the weird notion that Karl Muller could help the fleeing CIA operative, but of course by now our Rocket Scientist will have his own cloud of spheres nearby, watching his every move...
You simply left it too late.. Focusing on the masts was all very well, when in reality you should've been paying more attention to the Physics boffins, and the money that's being poured into those Learning institutions to set up the PRISM technology....

Should I regard the non-appearance of my Controller's new blue Beemer as ominous, or is it just another ploy to be found in the Spy Manual under the Taking Cover section?   His loyal proxy monkeys have more than made up for his absence, and I've been taking some wicked Knives to the ear, never mind the cancer on my back... There's no way to tell if he's out of town attending a symposium of the top most savage Controllers, or he's simply holed up at the BIL's in Garbutt Road, keeping a low profile for some reason.
There'd been at least two young fellow-idiots over on the Surveillance thread at mybroadband, who'd revealed their yellow uniforms by shrieking that Snowden was a traitor, and if I were to re-read the whole thread carefully, I've no doubt I'd find dozens more of Jannie's converts...  Those tunnel-visioned mercenaries incapable of thinking beyond the sales pitch the Telecom's Strategist sold them, to the real goals behind this world-wide Experiment... No matter, it's late, and my desire to batter your ears this morning, has faded..

Friday 12th July at 6.55am

I found myself oddly anxious at my Controller's two-day disappearance, and my relief at the sight of the blue Beemer back on his driveway yesterday afternoon, certainly suggests I need to see a shrink...  It would seem my biggest fear in this regard is that he will succumb to his own medicine, and leave before I can say goodbye..A sub-conscious desire to have him suffer as his victims are suffering?  I've looked and I've looked, believe me, and I still can't find any hate there at all..
Your qualified Head Doctors will no doubt tell you that it's normal for a hostage to experience these worries, but I'll argue that I must surely be cooked in the head...
Leaving me to the enthusiastic ministrations of his proxied puppets had some interesting, if unpleasant moments occurring.. Not the least of which was a savage flurry of jabs to my right ear, jaw and throat, the evening before last.  At 5.54pm, it was on Wednesday, as I'd sat in my TV chair... You want to claim credit for that stunning demonstration of cruelty?  Now's your chance...

LATER at 7.55am

Is every single sound made in our home recorded al la Truman Show style, and saved for posterity? Or have Barnbabas and his lackey Balliram judiciously edited out sections they deemed irrelevant? Jannie?  You'd trust a single word either of these two arch prevaricators uttered?  If those recordings are intact, would anyone care to go through them and see just when I began muttering about gravity and magnets possibly being involved in the use of the Abdominal frequency?   How I've complained bitterly so often that my womb and ovaries suddenly feel as if they're being physically dragged down to the floor?   A prolapse?  With the astonishing amount of attention that's being paid to my nethers lately, I suspect that a prolapse might just be on the cards...

What is a geo-magnetic field?  Can any of you describe it to me without rudely pointing me to wiki, where I would likely not understand their summary anyways?  Is it possible that such a thing could be harnessed and employed to affect individual's physically, as with the astonishing array of jabs I take, anywhere from my sternum to the tops of my thighs?  Frankie? Would you, or whichever mass-murderer you've got running the show at the UKZN base station, care to tellus whether geo-magnetic force fields are somehow included in your version of the PRISM technology?  Whether our Expert in the Field, Agent Balliram, had reported back to you on the 'testing' done here in the Zone, using the Abdominal frequency, and you'd decided to open up the airwaves and share it with the rest of eThekwini, resulting in 30 babies dying of dehydration?

Were their immune systems already compromised for some or other reason, and when they were exposed to this new delight over the airwaves, their natural protection simply shut down and allowed the bacteria in MacLeod's water to kill them off?  Professor Petruccione most certainly would've known in advance that there would be fatalities as a result of his orders, but he's also well aware that there will be no intensive investigation made either... Beautifully planned to the nth degree, is it not, Mistuh van Zyl?
Here in the Zone for example, we have the near fanatical and devout Missis Poulter shrieking and pointing at the ANC at every given opportunity, while she whole-heartedly supports those that are committing murder on a grand scale...

The Planners had always known that the Devout were the easiest to manipulate, and with the ShaikBoyz support, they'd gone after the Muslim community with a will, while the dozens of different denominations dotted about the Zone were a doddle to con, were they not?  A much needed cash injection here, and an under the counter deal there, and the Pastor/Priest/Brother was OWNED, and would happily teach his flock that the true path to enlightenment, could be found by joining the PRISM Surveillance project...

Did Agent Balliram cut short his away-from-home operations, or was he always due to return yesterday afternoon?  Is it remotely possible that one of his stand-ins/proxies, had contacted him to say that I was threatening to reveal their full name in connection with allegations of molestation?  That although we all know there's no chance of proving such claims, many are by now aware of the truth, whether they're bound by silence or not..
That the dirt from such allegations would cling, no matter how vociferously denied, and could cause great shame and disgrace to otherwise innocent people?

You wish me to remind you of the MWeb fiasco, and how the gung-ho Cracker next door had caused such mischief for two not totally innocent hackers at MWeb's Studio54 IRC channel over a decade ago?  Is my Area Controller set to do the same thing with young Narcissus and my Excellent Neighbour?  So far, the Gymnut appears to have been able to convince his kindly parents that he himself doesn't target me deliberately... Would they continue to believe he plays no part in my latest allegations?
Freddie?  Would you back him up?  Is your Val fully aware of the latest grubbiness carried out in our home, and is she not repelled and disgusted by your participation?  Just asking, dude...

Who was it that came up with this latest subtle variation of the Abdomen frequency?  Petruccione recalled reading about it somewhere in the archives?  Our own RF Specialist Rezah, had been browsing through those ancient reports and had stumbled across what has to be the single most abusive frequency yet 'tested' on me here?  A dirty little scheme hatched between Balliram and the Accountant at No. 12, that would have me looking sideways at His Prettyness and my Good Neighbour both?
Sadly, there's no way that either No 10 or No 16 could be unaware of this latest weapon of assault, though whether they personally participate in it's employment will never be known... Can I guess?
It's disturbing to consider how many of these civilian Monitors are led to believe they're some sort of scientific pioneers, when if fact there are decades of documented reports on the results of these hidden frequencies being used on humans and animals, thereby neatly labelling our own unfortunate would-be spies as little more than Abusers and Molestors.... Shame..


Friday 12th July 2013 at 2.13pm.