Sunday, March 17, 2013

(begun Monday 18th March at 3.15am..)

*Judging by the appalling levels of BackFire as I sit here online, updating my blog at 7.48am, maybe it would have been wiser to wait until after the sadistic Pig had left his driveway?*

Again, I'd woken at around one thirty a.m. with the flamboyant and savage Knives to the Back frequency, and he'd lit the coal on my back as well..  That says it all, don't you think?  When those that might question his barbaric behaviour are snoring gently nearby and only he, and like-minded sadists are out there roaming the airwaves?

I'd posted my Falling Stars update yesterday, long before I'd discovered on Facebook that my Vice Chair had been forced to intervene in a nasty altercation between his dogs, and had come off slightly the worse for wear... Shere coincidence, or is the Pig going after those defenceless animals with a will?  A chilling thought, and a very real possibility indeed.. Your dogs would never turn on you?  When their brains are being bombarded with specific frequencies, I don't believe they're your dogs at the time...  
I'd love to know just how many additional Followers have signed up to the Honourable Man's FB page since he chose to go after the Manase Report so fearlessly, and I figure those numbers are growing by the day..
More than enough reason to step up the mischief at his place, hey Mikey?  Whereas my squeals of outrage at our predicament fall on deaf ears, my VC's efforts out there in public may just have a few beads of sweat popping out on your forehead...  You care to show us the billions that have gone into rigging up Roux's 'perfectly safe' quantum laser communications system across eThekwini and beyond?  Will the Report show how you broke up the Electricity Department and created dozen upon dozen of little cc.s and then rehired those Contractors to assist with the initial installation of the surveillance technology, in order to successfully muddy the waters?

Will it show which of those Contractors fouled the Durban harbour so badly, and who paid what, in the attempts to repair the damage?  Probably not.   Why the continued stalling tactics?  Have you tried and failed to get the Auditors to 'adjust' the Manase Report to your satisfaction?  Are your IT ferrets unable to find anything incriminating and powerful enough to get all of those key-players to dance to your tune?  Tsk, tsk...
You'll have to forgive me if I continue to regard you with more than a little revulsion.. After all, I'm sitting here at the desk with a more than unpleasant pinch settled in my lower back, and flames between my shoulder-blades, and I'm inclined to think if it hadn't been for your go-ahead, I'd likely still be curled up fairly comfortably on Cloud 9.

That Fingolfin? person was back when I'd signed into mybroadband yesterday.  An articulate and amiable Stooge, employed to create a diversion, or someone who genuinely feels the net is tightening?   I'd pm'd the Poster on their original thread, on the perils of e-tolling, and not had a response, and I very much doubt he or she will reply to the message I sent yesterday... *shrugs..
Once again it had given Jannie van Zyl's star Lieutenant, BeVok, a platform, though of course I'll have to go back and read his single-spaced outpouring several times before I get the gist of it... I got stuck at the bit where he'd said someone had asked for his help and he'd discovered later that his team had themselves come under scrutiny.. Did I miss the part where he contacted the victim and apologised for having to stop their efforts to assist, as it had simply become too dangerous?  Did I miss the part where he said there were Good people out there, very much aware of the criminals controlling the laser/wireless technology, but that the victim would have to hang in a while longer for help to arrive?

Maybe BeVonk said that and more, but I simply missed it, and it'll all become clear when I go back and re-read his posts...  He expresses his pride in actually nailing criminals, through the use of surveillance means, but I'd like to ask him where those Crooks he caught, sit today?  Has he ever followed up to see whether justice was properly served?  Are all the crims he helped nail actually doing time, or is that not his problem?  Seems to me that bail is easily obtainable, from the Bladerunner down to the lowest of thieves, and with the courts backed up as they are, is his satisfaction not somewhat misplaced?

No, BeVonk.  That nano-second where I'd thought I'd finally found someone who could make a difference, has long since passed, due to your close bond with the Telecom's Strategist, and there's squat that I could ever say to clear those scales from your eyes... Is it said that I've wrongly demonised Jannie van Zyl as much as I have the Operative here at No. 6, and why did the Wabbit react so defensively to Fingolfin's posts? Almost to the point where I swear I caught a whiff of the old grease-paint...?*winks..
For the most part calm and collected, our TB had sunk to using a 12-year old's retorts, and all that was lacking was the Disc Jockey's input along the same lines... Theatre 101, or the real deal?  *fascinated... I feel that all those concerns raised are nothing more than distractions, when you put them alongside the quantum laser/wireless technology that enables what so far has been the Scum of the Earth to invade your right to privacy and good health.. Unless Fingolfin acknowledges my mistitled private message, I shall have to file this latest thread under Red Herrings, where I've an idea it belongs...

Did my Minder the Snowman volunteer to follow me on Twitter and Facebook, or is he obeying orders?  Did his Superiors figure that a UK-based Agent would be more suitable for the job than a local lad/lass?  Does he mind being in the spotlight, and what exactly does his job entail?  Simply as a back-up to Balliram, to ensure I don't slip through a gap and cause any real mischief?  
It's 4.45am, and the relentless battering I'm taking here in the back room should delight those of you who regard me as a pest...

LATER at 5.30am

I saw the flash of the laser as I'd sat up on the edge of the bed, followed instantaneously by a Knife to the side... Your standard morning greeting, Knob?  You'd think I'd be used to it after all these years, but the levels of cowardice you and your stooges display daily, continue to amaze me...

LATER at 6.50am

I just strolled down the sidepath between the ChickenCoop and ours, and all the hairs on my forearms stood on end... Okay.  Give it.  Physics ?  You know why that would happen?  I'd walked past both his aircon unit and wall enhancer light HERE to achieve that eerie effect, so what the heck is pumping out for that to have happened.? Static electricity on a grand scale, FFS?

LATER at 7.30am

I was treated to a really nasty pinch in my upper right midriff as I sat here sending out my CPF reminder texts earlier.   If Balliram is indeed an Honest Joe working for the so-called Good team (chokes), why does he continue to interfere so blatantly in Sector Policing business?  I figure you know the answer to that one already.. Have a great day and


Monday 18th March 2013 at 8.22am.