Thursday, October 14, 2010


(begun Wednesday 13th October at 8.20pm...)

I trundled through and fetched my old tape-measure this evening.. Turns out that with my ugly mug all of 50cm (almost 20 inches) away from the Monitor, I can still feel the wall of heat coming off it…
I've no way of knowing whether this is normal, and only remark because it's much more noticeable on some occasions than others.. A creature of habit, I generally spend roughly the same amount of time online each time I connect, so why does it get quite so hot every now and then?
(It's raining out, and cool, BTW).   Another neat little trick employed by our corrupt Network Admin?  *fascinated..
Does he continue to be patted on the back and praised for his devious behaviour, or are the genuine techs out there beginning to regard him with the contempt usually reserved for retarded toads?

Was that a full-on doomcloud that engulfed me when I opened the ‘Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulations Feedback Needed' thread on mybroadband?  Praise da lawd for my ADD, as whatever it was that made my nose run and eyes water, left almost as soon as it arrived..*grins…
Imagine if I were able to articulate exactly what's going on down here in the Zone, with the abuse of the frequency and power output?  If I knew the correct terminology and could string two words together coherently?  I'd give ICASA their bloody feedback!  *snorting…

There are frequency and output power regulations?  Wasn’t it Karl Muller or Barrie Trower that said regulations had been scrapped in 2001?  (doubtless to accommodate the Big Brother technology).  Sure protzkrog threw me a bone and I ran with it, despite that I consider the ‘regulations’ are non-existent… Oops!  I can feel myself getting hot again, and for once it's not the result of the Pig’s attentions..*snarls..

Try today's Natal Mercury instead, for an update on further futile attempts to nail an officially appointed and well-connected thug…. The Mayville Head of Station had told the GOCOC assembly in hushed tones that if you needed a helicopter, you called Nayager and within minutes, it was airborne… If you needed extra men you called Nayager and they were there..blah blah….
Does this sound for one minute as if the supposedly fired from SAPS ex-Station Commander of Sydenham Station has any intention of accepting his dismissal?  Sort of makes Nathie Mthethwa look really silly hey?   That a common-or-garden Druglord carries so much more weight than both our Minister and the National Police Commissioner combined….?

It’s a difficult one is it not?  You’ve read of the greed and misuse of funds by our Government officials and would rather take your chances and back a DRUGLORD manipulating the police force?  See what I mean? A rock and a hard place ja….
Jannie and the OldBoys appear to have backed the more sophisticated criminals from the getgo… The Agliottis, Barnabas' and Rassools that have been handed great areas of the country to run as they see fit, with the Monkeys of THEIR choice in place at nearby copshops….
Hell, I've only got the Zone to go by as an example, but why would it be different up or down your way?   Have you seen any recent press pics of Agliotti looking anything less than smug?

K from Great Shift called out of the blue this morning and said she needed my car's registration for their records.. I confess to wondering briefly whether Roy Moodley or his charming adult sprout were planning on putting out an APB on my Nissan…*cackles… Letting it be known that it's open season on the Nissan Langley that bears that number?  Can you imagine a hijacker lurching along in the poor tampered-with car, hoping that it doesn’t cut out and die on the freeway before it reaches the chop-shop? *roffles… Course, if it IS outside electrical interference being employed, our Network Admin would obligingly withhold his remote tweaks until it was safely out of the area…*winks….

An update?  The GW has himself replaced the spark plugs and the sparkplug leads (which last fix he said appeared to exacerbate the problem..), and today he put on a new distributor cap.  Process of elimination se GAT!  Ag no shame, at least he’s trying..*beams.. I’m off to read… cheers..

Thursday 14th October at 3.55am…

Last night I'd tucked the dogs in, turned the bedside light off, and waited for the Sicko to arrive… Sure enough, it wasn’t long before he had a go at my head… I'm not one that is troubled much by headaches, apart from occasionally prior to a big electrical storm, and so I have to regard last night’s efforts as pretty vicious… *yawns…
I guess I made the Coward nervous with my muttered curses, and I was eventually allowed to drift off to sleep…
I've been darned lucky, and was never prone to illness of any sort, and in fact can't remember ever having anything worse than a bad cold, let alone the flu….
You'll forgive me then if I stick to my assertion that I became a full-on Thin-Skin in 2005, due entirely to the efforts of Allen Spence and his pupil, Colin P. Balliram….?

If Barnum were around today there's a chance he’d hire me on the spot, and not just for my freakish appearance, though it's disappointing to consider that as with Balliram and his Mentor Nayager, I too am far from unique….
That each day in the country, more people are being unwittingly exposed to the wildly fluctuating frequencies and power output, and as a result are experiencing as wide a range of weird symptoms as we are….

You're aware that I visited the yahoo group suggested by Karl Muller on those affected by EMR, and that the few mails I read had me scuttling away at speed… If I'd searched the group more carefully, would I have found others with identical symptoms to ours?  Some of them sounded so crazy that I left, and seldom go back except to clean out my mailbox..*sigh..  In retrospect, it's quite funny, as I myself sound every bit as deranged….*grins…

Again, I offer my services to Leonard Els to test, to see just how much of what I claim I now feel is real and how much is pure mental delusion…. Come on Al, you know the chap, and can arrange for this fairly easily… Why are you stalling? *snarls…
The results may prove detrimental to the effing Project, and scare the pants off many of your so-called intellectual recruits?   Rubbish.  The top of the range EE’s all left the country as quickly as they could, once the premise of the Project sank in… Those that are left are confirmed Thick-Skins and will remain oblivious to the obvious… *grins… suffering inexplicable down-time?  Far be it for me to jump to conclusions, *chokes* but has rpm considered that SlimyMike's displeasure at his banning may have more to do with the site’s problems, than with Herzner getting something wrong?
I'd hazard he's a ‘special’ friend of Balliram’s, and as such may well be classed as another Cracker?  Who deleted his self-promotional post?  It's always possible that he himself accepted the ban and has already returned to the Forum wearing a different frock… That it's his pal, the confirmed bully Balliram, who sees knocking out the mybb forum as some sort of rough justice for his mate… *eyeroll..

Afraid as you all are of our Network Admin's ‘connections’ to the likes of Earl Michael Barnabas and HIS Mentor, Mo Shaik, I suggest you swallow your bile and accept that Balliram can pretty much do as he pleases….  Fark, you helped create this monster, now deal with it….

The rain has begun falling steadily out in the dark, and hopefully it’ll reach the dead brown fields of the Midlands and fill the dried-out streams and rivers…*fingers crossed… I'm in for a busy day despite the wet, and will share this with you when I can….


Friday 15th October 2010 at 8.59am.