Sunday, March 08, 2009

A HOME RUN........

(begun Sunday 8th March at 3.30pm....)

Dear spambot,

Tis unlikely you will have noticed my absence since publishing The BoyZ are Back as you unseeingly increase my visitors count...*cackles..... Naturally, I have loads more to tell you..

However, the Lout of My Life and his Mentor have taken umbrage at the true reason behind the Good Superintendent's transfer....*shrugs....
The punishment for my transgression? No mere arranged theft for us as the Vice-Chair was subjected to, rather for the Foul King to set up our computer to freeze as I enter any Channel on Efnet and for the GameWrecker's Bottles on a Wall game to do the same. Even typing this blog had Outlook Drafts freezing and made a restart necessary..... *yawns..... Girlish spite or fear?

Time to take my writing to Noah's ancient manual? I do so love the concept of genuine unedited TRUTH..... *grins...

Yours in silence,