Friday, August 04, 2006

The most difficult part for me now, will be the waiting....
Last night while on the PC, I suddenly realised that the EMF seemed less. Its always possible that Tamara bought me a small but temporary reprieve. Who knows?
Dear Nobby too, was silent which pretty much confirmed these assumptions.
This morning though, Cassims roof was again glowing, but to nowhere near its maximum splendour.
A small pack of dogs loose in the valley earlier today gave me the opportunity of phoning the duPlessis at Number 14. Gaynor, sweet child - told me that they are having an Entertainment Area built by 'someone' that Godfrey knows. How similar this sounds to the Alben/Clive scenario sigh..... I would dearly love to see their Line of Sight over to Saint Theresa's Convent.
And now we come to the matter of the so-called Widening the Freeway between Tollgate and? the Southern Freeway Flyoff? What utter bollox and every man Jack swallowed it down without a murmur heheh..
I would rather wager that the frantic efforts going into this job are more for the laying of fibre-optic cables than widening anything at all. How utterly perfect, as the signals may be sent right into the heart of Sydenham on the one side and over to Cato Manor and even Effingham Heights on the other. Masterly indeed.
Now of course I would need to actually drive along this stretch in the dark to see for myself whether the myriad sensor lights running the length of the bridge at least, are catseye type of devices to aid motorists or some sort of traffic monitoring device.
And again, almost inevitably, there is one light which stands out amongst all the others.
May I note here a further large white box attached to a streetlight this time halfway up Piedmont Road. Similar boxes were involved in the so called Dummy box Surveillance Joke perpetrated by the Inspector of Electricity for Durban, Red-Eyed Allen Spence ( a man who literally Flaunts the sigul of the Beast) These boxes in Piedmont road however, are facing the freeway and not being used to torture local dissenters as far as I can tell.
By daylight today it would certainly appear that additions have been to the electricity pole/streetlight outside Basil's at number 4 Harris Crescent. Since the sensor light aimed directly at her house was activated, she has attested to : lights going out inexplicably, her stove packing in and this week her singing Garfield mug began serenading of its own accord while shut in a kitchen cupboard.So far, so interesting?
and now? I wait........

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