Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pretty impossible for me to scale St. Theresa's bell tower to check the Line of Sight to Howard College, but I'm guessing that yes, they are in touch with one another so to speak.
Since blogging on Friday 4th that I felt considerably better, I had hoped that the EMF has been lessened. This feeling has lasted up until this morning.
Somebody HAS been paying attention. About 9.30pm last night Nobby went mental out the front. As Bali had not been home very long I imagined he was cranking up the EMF to remind me who is the Boss.
I went out quietly onto the front lawn and Bingo! There, just below the wall was a car parked in the near total darkness of the valley.
Of course, bear in mind that I had to cross several sensors to reach the edge of the front lawn and obviously sounded the alarm immediately. A large fellow climbed out of the back seat and stood there in the dark for a while and then came round to the front and finally got in and drove away.
It did occur to me at one point to call out softly: Hello Mike Oliver :} but I left it. No doubt he had his neat little EMF meter and was checking the levels with Bali.
What very few of you genuine Boffins seem to grasp, is that however charming my DroneMaster may be (cant argue with that heh) he DOES have an agenda that he has denied and laughed off from the get-go.
Down this end of the Crescent we are considered the scum of the earth by the original authors of this scheme and as such, totally expendable.
I cry shame upon you all.

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