Sunday, March 12, 2006

Monday 13th March 2006 at 4.40am

Its there but i seriously just cant reach it....... what? Course Ive always had my theories ja.... but what was it that got everyone sooo interested? The correspondence I managed to get through to Scotland Yard? *makes note to look for copies and see if i gave away any National Secrets heheh...surely not .... whittering on about hackers an such they would have found it no more than a silly old farts ramblings? Or - there was truth is some of my incoherent speech?
It was certainly not long after that i found we were being monitored by Sahara in Jburg ..... hmm..the fact that i slagged off the Head of the Teklom Abuse team frequently in my PRIVATE OE Blog? yeah, i figure that could have bought some serious sh*t down on my pointy head lol....
and this day i still wait hopefully for the knock on the door and the NIA guys to say "come with us".....*fallin about....
*sigh... course that wont happen as you never know...some of the scurrilous methods used by ?? may just become public (lmao) and THAT my dear Watson, would Never do ! :}

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