Friday, March 24, 2006


One thing i've been particularly successful at, during all of my 60 years, has been the raising, nurturing and breeding of the Lesser-Spotted Meanstreak.
Only recently has the big wakeup call trumpeted in my flattened ears..
Those beasties have cost me dear...:{
i'm delighted to say that these days the barn stands totally emptied of the little critters.
Now i merely watch as the young and not so young out there, groom, feed and pet their own Meanstreaks - oblivious to the fact that they are sooo not worth the effort !
*steps up to the podium...
I have to thank my DroneMaster, Bali, and the dear Nanny M for bring about a massive and positive change in my life. And to all the bit players who contributed and aid my Master when I repeatedly set his teeth on edge;
Weird Al, Glen, Zaph, Shrooms, Andre, Pieter, Calliope, Lu the Righteous and Mike, to mention but a few... without your input I would no doubt still think of myself as nothing more than a bitchy old oxygen thief.
You have all shown me clearly that i'm really not so bad after all .
An Amazing revelation for me so Halleluja & Amen brothers & sisters.
Thanks guys x

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